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Creating exquisite, memorable celebrations is our passion at Premier Planning Services, Inc. We work closely with our clients to ensure their wedding is a reflection of their vision and style. Our careful orchestration will connect you with the best vendors, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

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Minnesota Wedding from Laura Ivanova Photography

When I think about the loveliest ways to say "I do," beneath the branches of a centuries-old oak tree is the kind of setting that makes me stop and swoon. It's the idea of quiet romance and perfect symbolism that'll turn any hopeless romantic into a pile of mush right on the spot. And from the soft golden palette to the oak tree silhouette that carried throughout the day's design, this Minnesota couple planned the perfect celebration with ...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

I know, I know. We are in the thick of the holiday season and all that is dancing through our heads revolves around hot cocoa, snuggling under blankets, and shopping, shopping, shopping. Not to mention winter white weddings galore. But when a summery engagement session so sweet came my way and warmed my heart, I figured today was a great day to share it - and hopefully it will warm you to your bones on this chilly day!


Minneapolis Wedding by Ingman Photography

I'm totally in love with this next wedding and its fresh, modern aesthetic, thanks to the genius that is Silvercocoon/Tia Keobounpheng who designed this gorgeous wedding and coordinated the dream team that brought it to life. The centerpieces by Flora Bella of white peonies and green dianthus make for such a dramatic yet understated focal point that I literally can't stop...


Minnesota Wedding by Premier Planning Services

My heart started to flutter when I read that the ceremony of this lovely wedding by Premier Planning Services was held at the childhood home of the bride. It's the absolute perfect backdrop for the earthy yet elegant look the couple was aiming for. And boy did they get that look! By weaving in soft blues, beautiful butter yellows and earthy browns their wedding effortlessly accentuated the gorgeous lakeside family home.